Zion Schoolhouse
Art Starts is looking for youth interested in contributing to the creation of a community-based map and time capsule!

Art Starts and the Zion Schoolhouse envision a collaborative, arts-based representation of the Toronto classroom as it existed 150 years ago, as it exists today, and as it is imagined 150 years in the future. The project marks both the 150th anniversary of the Zion Schoolhouse and the (future) 300th anniversary of the schoolhouse through a community map-making workshop, installation and time-capsule initiative.

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Pictures from Cartography 17 Project | Map-Making Workshops 2017



The Urban Schoolhouse will see lead artist Daniel Rotsztain mentor and train 10 youth artists living on the margins, in subsidized housing neighbourhoods surrounding the Zion Schoolhouse. This is a paid training opportunity for local youth to learn employment-ready skills, illustration and storytelling techniques, and practice collaboration and creative thinking with a professional artist. They will be paid an honorarium, as will film student and former Art Starts participant Keisha James as she produces a video to document the process.


Workshops will take place at the Zion Schoolhouse during three consecutive weekend-intensives in the spring of 2018. The workshops will be used to research and discuss, to re-imagine and invent, to learn local histories and share stories, and ultimately to create three archival quality illustrated 16” x 20” maps. One map will re-imagine school and life in the late 1800’s in what is now the L’Amoreaux neighbourhood, one will represent a typical current L’Amoreaux classroom, with illustrations of the neighbourhood as experienced by youth living there today, and the third, an imagined future map, will bring to life a vision of what the next 150 years will bring to the neighbourhood.


An outdoor display case will be installed onsite to display the 1860s map and the 2018 map, as well as a plaque describing the project and announcing that the future map will be unveiled in 150 years.

This project is supported through Toronto Arts Council Strategic Funding