Another spectacular showcase of Virtuosity of Blackness! Due to Covid 19, we have had to postpone our event but we have chosen our performers and everything is set to go!

We will be posting our amazing artist line-up on Facebook @ArtStartsTO as soon as the city has opened up.  Stay tuned for more updates.



The Virtuosity of Blackness (VoB) is a showcase featuring some of the best, up-and-coming performing Black artists in the city.

In collaboration with RISE Edutainment, this presentation serves as a platform to encourage creativity, network and support emerging artists.

Both iterations featured over 30 talented performers, reached 2.5K people on social media, and sparked a lot of meaningful conversations.

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"When I was in the studio watching all of the performances for the Virtuosity of Blackness I felt a sense of pride and elation. I believe in the virtuosity of blackness and I’m so proud that Art
Starts is featuring these amazing performers."

- Nicole Peña, Program Director

Ekelle_Artist Photo 2020

"Performing for VoB was a truly amazing experience. To be able to perform my music and be embraced for my unique style and perspective was cathartic for me. Art Starts and RISE did a great job of selecting diverse artists that each reflect their own unique Black experience through their art. Time and time again we only see a limited view of Blackness through mainstream media so this event holds a special place in my heart."

- Ekelle, Artist and Songwriter


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