The Virtuosity of Blackness Moving Beyond Black History Month

Just a year ago, The Virtuosity of Blackness took stage in the Art Starts studio. Since then, the idea has evolved and not to mention, shifted due to the pandemic.

As we get ready to release VoB 3.0, our latest blog looks at the origins of the virtual showcase, the ways in which it supports emerging, Black artists, the amazing people involved, and its plans for the future.



Art Starts is currently looking for young, gifted Black performers to audition for our latest instalment of the Virtuosity of Blackness 4.0 (VOB 4.0). We want to showcase your talent and invite you to light up the stage.

Art Starts will be part of the Arts in the Park Festival in the fall of 2021 at the illustrious Earl Bales Park. VOB 4.0 will electrify our audiences with stellar performances, dynamic DJs, soulful drummers and industrious vendors.