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Art Starts Celebrates, Featuring Founding Member Kerri MacDonald

As we continue our 30th Anniversary celebrations, we once again look to the past by interviewing one of the organization’s founding members. Kerri shares with us the very earliest days of Art Starts and gives us a picture of how her involvement in the organization shaped her career as an artist and arts administrator.

We asked Kerri to share some memories from Art Starts early years. Read on and take a trip down memory lane with us



We are currently looking for a Program Coordinator to join Art Starts. The ideal candidate will have experience as an arts administrator, be self-directed and work well in a team environment.

The Program Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating specific projects within the organization and report directly to the Program Director.

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Art Starts Celebrates, Featuring Founding Member Elizabeth Cinello

In light of our 30th anniversary, we wanted to capture as many real stories about Art Starts as we could. Stories that highlight our both triumphs and our challenges. Who better to account for the challenges of starting something new than one of our own founding members: Elizabeth Cinello.

We asked Elizabeth: what was Art Starts’ greatest challenge? Her story takes us back 30 years when community arts was a new concept and local artists were struggling to be recognized.

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Art Starts Celebrates, Featuring Kim Dayman

Kim is an artist, arts advocate and cultural leader living in Toronto. Coming from an arts administrator and teacher background, Kim was hired as Administrations Manager in 2010.

She grew with the organization as our staff, communities and overall impact expanded, and eventually became Director of Operations. With Kim onboard, Art Starts transformed from a grassroots organization into a recognized leader in the community arts sector.