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Arowana provides immersive, customized training and mentorship to emerging, youth and/or newcomer artists. A unique platform for leadership, learning and artistic development, Arowana aims to increase equity in the arts sector and support future leaders from all backgrounds.

Arowana captures the simple but powerful notion of the well-known adage, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day… teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” (Lao-tse). Through Arowana, Art Starts will train the next generation of community arts leaders by providing them with customized mentorship and training using Art Starts’ principles and best practices toolbox. As a pioneer community arts organization with a unique facilitation model, it is important that we transfer knowledge by educating the next generation of leaders.

Arowana Training is offered to artists who have an interest in using the arts as a tool for building healthier communities. Artists already have a set of developed skills based on their art practice, but many lack formal job training and ‘real-life’ experience working within an organizational context and in community settings. Through Arowana, participants develop and strengthen their skills, knowledge and abilities while experiencing real-life scenarios and leading their own projects in the community of their choice.

Each participant will design, plan, implement and evaluate their own community art project. Each project is meant to engage with 10-15 or more community residents in 12 hours of community-building arts programming. Artists are coached throughout, by Special Special Projects Manager in every stage of project implementation: concept, planning, budgeting, securing space, developing partnerships, outreach & recruitment, workshop facilitation, etc.

Programs 2019

Program Animators

Turbulence | Free Mixed-Media Storytelling Workshop | Ages 16-25

Scarborough Arts, 1859 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 1T3

Turbulence is a FREE mixed-media storytelling workshop series for youth who identify as Muslim women of colour. The series will create a collection of visual art pieces through the lens of social justice, with a gallery exhibition to follow.

The Treasure Book | Free 6 Week Workshop

533c Gladstone Avenue, Toronto, ON M6H 3J1

The Treasure Book is a 6 week FREE program that will explore illustration techniques and storytelling by sharing our journey as immigrants in a fun and creative way. We will take a look at the treasures and resources that immigration brings to our lives and we will create a handmade book with it.

African Vegan Art | Free Textile Workshop

5 Fairview Mall Dr, Suite #478, North York, ON M2J 2Z1

African Vegan Art is a FREE Textile workshop inspired by the Bogolanfini (Mud cloth art) which is one of Africa's most unusual and unique textile art originated from Mali, West Africa. Together, we will travel back in time to learn and experience textile painting techniques. We will combine old and new approaches to create personalized and unique pieces.


Thursday, May 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
Thursday, June 6th, 13th


3 -5 PM
3 -5 PM

RSVP TO: Arlette@artstartsto.com or 416-856.3710

FUZZ & BUZZ | Free Puppet-Making Workshop

380 Goldhawk Trail, Scarborough & Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute, 1550 Sandhurst Cir, Scarborough

Fuzz and Buzz is a workshop to learn to openly and freely express yourself to address the taboo of creative self-expression in Asian culture and tradition. The program will include a puppet creation process and a puppet performance aspect.

Participants will be divided into 3 age groups as follows:

Group A: 6-9 | Group B: 10-13 | Group C: 13-18


May 13th
May 24th
May 17th
May 23rd


9 - 11 AM
12 - 2 PM
8:45 AM - 11:30 AM
8:45 AM - 11:30 AM


380 Goldhawk Trail Scarborough, ON M1V 4E7
380 Goldhawk Trail Scarborough, ON M1V 4E7
Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute, 1550 Sandhurst Cir, Scarborough, ON M1V 1S6
Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute, 1550 Sandhurst Cir, Scarborough, ON M1V 1S6

RSVP TO: wilex@artstartsto.com or 647-973-1809

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