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Art Starts Studio Mural painting Jacquie C
Naturescapes Earl Bales tree painting

“Art Starts is an ongoing, unfinished work of public art, the result of a collaborative process involving many people. It is a collage of collages, in space and in time.” - Robin Pacific, Art Starts Co-Founder

During the last 25 years, Art Starts has been a pioneer, a trailblazer in community-based art practices. We bring professional artists and communities together to work in and across all artistic disciplines. Our programs have benefited thousands of people living in marginalized Toronto neighbourhoods by providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for self-expression and creative collaboration. Art Starts works in five underserved Toronto neighbourhoods.  Together we create accessible and dynamic art projects that reflect the identities and aspirations of each community.

Through Art Starts, we have activated and witnessed transformation. As a response to the needs of our communities, we have created the Special Projects Department and are currently implementing a variety of programming city-wide. We want to provide opportunities to newcomers, emerging, and youth artists around the city.

For more information please contact: Julian Carvajal, Special Projects Manager at julian@artstartsto.com