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Headshots Spring 2019

About the Photographer

Maira Ribeiro Photography

Jayson Warbucks

Born and raised in Toronto all his life, Jayson has always had a love for the arts. Being a freelance photographer for 8 years, he has had his work published a various magazine across the country and always looking to expand further. Jayson is currently enrolled in centennial college.  

Maira Ribeiro Photography

Maíra Ribeiro

Originally from Brazil, Maira moved to Canada to pursue her love for photography. She loves capturing moments of real emotion, happiness, and love. Maira has worked with Art Starts the last year, and her photos did an amazing job of capturing the different personalities of everyone that attended last headshots sessions.
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Manal Husain

Manal Husain is a Toronto-based photographer, born and raised in Kuwait. She holds a certificate from the Formative Arts Institute in Kuwait, where she studied sketching, and watercolour and portrait photography in 2006 and 2007. Upon her relocation to Toronto in 2017, Manal has continued exploring these interests through self-directed documentary-style work. She is currently creating new body of work, inspired by Toronto street life. 

Maira Ribeiro Photography

Neda Durovski

Adventurist by heart, Neda has worked as a photographer on Cruise Ships, and sailed the world. Recently moved to Canada to attend a program at Centennial College. Photography is her number one passion, and a way to connect with people on a more cardinal level.

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