Fall 2017

ASAP: I Made That!

Children's Arts Workshop

Glendower Top Chef

Youth Cooking Program

African Cardio Fitness

Youth Cardio & Dance Workshop

Mixed Bag

Creative Arts Workshops for Seniors

Next Up

Music Recording Program

Program Without Walls: Let's Move!

Dance Program for Mothers & Caregivers

SuperNova Iron Chef

Youth Cooking Program

The Element

Hip Hop Dance Workshops

True Heart

Basketball & Photography Program

Up & Rooted

Basketball & Spoken Word Program

Summer 2017

Me, Myself & Why

Collage & Mini-zine Workshops


Theatre Workshops in Collaboration with Zero Gun Violence

The Element: Vibin' Out

Free Hip Hop Dance Workshops

Program Without Walls: Moving On Up!

Dance program for caregivers

Glendower Master Chef

Cooking Program

Up & Rooted

DIY Clothing Design & Creation Workshop

Spring 2017


Building Beyond Lego


Darkroom Photography Program

Learn the Bassics

Bass Guitar Beginner's Workshop

Next Up

Music Recording Program

Program Without Walls: Keep It Moving!

Dance Program for Caregivers & Mothers


Off The Mat, On The Dance Floor

Travelling Mural

City-Wide Collaborative Mural

Up & Rooted

Hip Hop Dance Program

Fall 2016- Winter 2017

Puzzle Mural

Collaborative Community Mural

Up & Rooted

Community Mural in Local Program Centre

Lawrence Heights

General Program Info Flyer