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"It doesn't matter the level of skill, talent, or vision someone has. If you don't believe in your craft, it all means nothing."


Ashley T. is multidisciplinary artist who works with diverse materials to create art in the categories of abstract, literary art, and performance art.

Creating ever since she was a child, she decided to share her artwork publicly in 2020 and was accepted into Sketch Working Arts Indie Studio residency shortly afterwards.

Ashley uses art to ground and remind herself of the power she posses to be a positive change in this world. Each piece she creates is a small chapter of her visual memoir.


quick facts

Type of art you create: abstract visual art, literary art, and performance art. I work with diverse materials spanning from acrylic paints on canvas, to ink on paper, to my voice on the mic, to my body on the stage.

When you got started: I have been creating art for years, ever since I was a little girl, but only really started to share my art publicly in 2020.

Favourite thing about your community: its strive to create and maintain culture.

Favourite local artists: Dev Ramsawakh for writing and journalism, Dr. Syrus Marcus Ware for playwriting, Gesilayefa Azorbo for photography, Patrick Walters for poetry, and Pree Rehal of Sticky Mangos for illustration.

"When something goes wrong, we all come together as one community in order to solve that problem"


As a resident of the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood, Trevaun has always been an advocate for his community. He started writing poetry in Grade 5 as a way to process the change and challenges he witnessed in Lawrence Heights. 

During high school Trevaun worked at the Lawrence Heights Community Centre and eventually he got a job with Toronto Community Housing to help youth gain employable skills and experience.

More recently, he has discovered his passion for film-making. In 2020 he put out his first documentary: Lawrence Heights Covid-19 Experience and has released a few others around important social issues.


quick facts

Type of art you create: Music production, film-making, and rap and poetry

When you got started: Started with music & poetry in Grade 5, music production in 2018, and film-making in 2020

Favourite thing about your community: When something goes wrong, we all come together as one community to solve that problem

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