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“When something goes wrong, we all come together as one community in order to solve that problem”



As a resident of the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood, Trevaun  (he/him) has always been an advocate for his community. He started writing poetry in Grade 5 as a way to process the change and challenges he witnessed in Lawrence Heights. 

During high school Trevaun worked at the Lawrence Heights Community Centre and eventually he got a job with Toronto Community Housing to help youth gain employable skills and experience.

More recently, he has discovered his passion for film-making. In 2020 he put out his first documentary: Lawrence Heights Covid-19 Experience and has released a few others around important social issues.


quick facts

Type of art you create: Music production, film-making, and rap and poetry

When you got started: Started with music & poetry in Grade 5, music production in 2018, and film-making in 2020

Favourite thing about your community: When something goes wrong, we all come together as one community to solve that problem.

"Art became a tool to claim my cultural existence, art became a vehicle to promote my voice in a colonized land as a settler, new immigrant, Egyptian and woman."

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