The Placemaking team animated the Ellesmere Skatepark! Six youth artists under the mentorship of two lead artists worked for the past month on the concept of the design that is taking form at the park! The youth and the lead artists killed it! Scarborough is full of creative and energetic people and this project is showing this at its max expression!

The Placemaking Project is a Signature Project of the Cultural Hotspot in partnership with the City of Toronto.

Lead Artists


Jacquie Comrie

Lead Artist

Jacquie Comrie is a mural artist who revitalized community spaces in Canada and abroad, through large scale murals, utilizing colour as main tool for social  change and mental wellness.

For over ten years, whether on buildings, rooms or large scale structures, Jacquie Comrie's murals continue to  transform communities into much needed uplifting, healing spaces where people of all backgrounds can feel included and mentally elevated, through colour.

Colour is the language of emotions, and her body of work speaks this language through orchestrated palettes that aim not only physically transform  these spaces, but to contribute to improving mental well being and quality of life of all individuals.

As a socially conscious artist,  she is honoured for the opportunity to be a Lead Artist for the Placemaking Project,  and have the opportunity to inspire youth, teaching them skills to change their own communities for the better, and realize their potential  to change the world through their own creative expression.

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Moises Frank

Lead Artist

Luvsumone or as his mom calls him, “Moises” is a Toronto based creative human. He has been studying graffiti and muralism since the of age of 10 on the streets, alleys, abandoned buildings and books he rented from the library. Recently, he has explored poetry which has revolutionized his vision on art and graffiti in general. He hopes to create stunning murals that would stem from poems and tell the story of the voices of the neighbourhoods he works in.

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Youth Artists


Aiken Chau

Youth Artist

Aiken Chau is a Canadian artist & animator based in Scarborough, Ontario. His work is informed by his Chinese heritage, a search for his identity, and is influenced by his interest in cartoons and moving images.

He is currently studying at Sheridan College for his Bachelor of Animation. In his free time, Aiken enjoys hiking, playing video games, and thrifting for fun clothes.


Lorienel Cruz

Youth Artist

Lorienel Cruz is a visual artist who was born and raised in the Philippines. She has a basic knowledge in Calligraphy and held mini workshops for beginners back home. She emigrated in Canada in 2016 and went to John Polanyi Collegiate Institute (JPCI) for a year. During her stay at JPCI, she did several volunteer jobs as a photographer, Eco Team representative, and painted a mural for the school. Cruz finished the Art Fundamentals program at Seneca College and will pursue to get into the Animation program. She is highly inspired by nature and urban drawings. She looks up to various Filipino artists who does Calligraphy, Illustration, Mural and Landscape paintings.

Cruz believes that being an artist is innate to everyone. There is no right or wrong way of making an art piece because we all see the world in a different perspective. In line to this, she is aiming to make works that will make people feel happy and calm.


Selina Qiu

Youth Artist

As an art enthusiast, Selina is a tenth grade graduate attending Sir John A Macdonald CI. This adventurous, courteous and clumsy individual loves to travel, ice skate, taste new foods and of course do art(with her favorite medium being pencil and acrylic). When she’s not occupied during work or at school, you can find her daydreaming of a life in Hogwarts and Camp Half Blood, stargazing or dancing wildly in her room.


Samantha Wong

Youth Artist

Samantha Wong is a passionate 17 year old artist inspired by story book inspiration.  She enjoys exploring art concepts mainly through watercolor and paints. In her free time she also enjoys dancing and watching movies and shows.  She is extremely excited to be working on this project and bringing more life to Scarborough.


Sharika Khan

Youth Artist

Sharika Khan is a curious, creative, and adventurous high school student going onto grade 11. She has always had a deep passion in arts and has learned to use various mediums and techniques over the years. Apart from art, Sharika also enjoys eating chocolate and reading books, and would gladly become a witch in Hogwarts or a shadowhunter any day.


Kelly Zhang

Youth Artist

Kelly Zhang is an opened, messy and enthusiastic student who has the heart and spirits of a child. She has learned and practiced multiple art styles and techniques throughout the course of her life. She also enjoys being free and having no limits to her creativity and usage of time.


Olivia Dey

Volunteer Youth Artist

Born in US and brought up in Canada, I started painting when I was 3 yrs old under the supervision of my mom. I learned watercolour for a short time from my mother and then started taking weekly lessons on various medium in visual arts at Lolart School. I am fond of any forms of art in life but I derive my inspiration from a portrait. Various forms of emotions and expressions on human face always fascinate me. I first brought my art in public through Scarborough Art in 2013 following up many more exhibitions. I made my first art sale in 2016 at Guild  Alive show. I am thankful to Artstart for giving me such an amazing experience to be a part of the Place Making Project.

Apart from art, I am a competitive water polo player and coach. I also travel to African countries during summer and volunteer to teach English and build schools for the African kids. I just started my own organization name " Just Like a girl" to support Canadian girls in sports and fight gender inequality in sports.


The Placemaking Project brings together youth and lead artists to animate 2 public areas in North Scarborough. Each artistic project will inject a burst of colour, intrigue and warmth into dull, lifeless, concrete places, asserting a sense of fun and prominence into the neighbourhood. A fun, festive ribbon cutting celebration will take place after the culmination of the project.

The Placemaking Project is a Signature Project of the Cultural Hotspot, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto. In 2018 the Cultural Hotspot shines a spotlight on arts, culture and community in the central and north areas of Scarborough.




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