Art Starts is looking for Participants!

Art Starts is happy to announce that Jacquie Comrie and Moises Frank were chosen during a community consultation that took place at the end of May at the Scarborough Civic Centre! We would like to thank the community and congratulate these two artists who are going to be animating to spaces in North Scarbrough!

The Placemaking Project is a Signature project by Cultural Hotspot in partnership with the City of Toronto!
We would like to thank Councillor Jim Karygiannis and his staff for their help during this consultation.
Jacquie 2

Jacquie Comrie

Lead Artist


Jacquie Comrie is a mural artist who revitalized community spaces in Canada and abroad, through large scale murals, utilizing colour as main tool for social  change and mental wellness


For over ten years, whether on buildings, rooms or large scale structures, Jacquie Comrie's murals continue to  transform communities into much needed uplifting, healing spaces where people of all backgrounds can feel included and mentally elevated, through colour.

Colour is the language of emotions, and her body of work speaks this language through orchestrated palettes that aim not only physically transform  these spaces, but to contribute to improving mental well being and quality of life of all individuals.


As a socially conscious artist,  she is honoured for the opportunity to be a Lead Artist for the Placemaking Project,  and have the opportunity to inspire youth, teaching them skills to change their own communities for the better, and realize their potential  to change the world through their own creative expression.

Moises 1

Moises Frank

Lead Artist

Luvsumone or as his mom calls him, “Moises” is a Toronto based creative human. He has been studying graffiti and muralism since the of age of 10 on the streets, alleys, abandoned buildings and books he rented from the library. Recently, he has explored poetry which has revolutionized his vision on art and graffiti in general. He hopes to create stunning murals that would stem from poems and tell the story of the voices of the neighbourhoods he works in.


The Placemaking Project brings together youth and lead artists to animate 2 public areas in North Scarborough. Each artistic project will inject a burst of colour, intrigue and warmth into dull, lifeless, concrete places, asserting a sense of fun and prominence into the neighbourhood. A fun, festive ribbon cutting celebration will take place after the culmination of the project.

The Placemaking Project is a Signature Project of the Cultural Hotspot, produced in partnership with the City of Toronto. In 2018 the Cultural Hotspot shines a spotlight on arts, culture and community in the central and north areas of Scarborough.

For more information contact:
Julian Carvajal | Special Projects Manager


Pictures from Naturescape | Cultural Hotspot, North York 2016


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