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Art Starts Celebrates, Featuring Founding Member Kerri MacDonald

As we continue our 30th Anniversary celebrations, we once again look to the past by interviewing one of the organization’s founding members. Kerri shares with us the very earliest days of Art Starts and gives us a picture of how her involvement in the organization shaped her career as an artist and arts administrator.

We asked Kerri to share some memories from Art Starts early years. Read on and take a trip down memory lane with us



Join Art Starts’ Community On Board!

These are exciting times in community arts!

At Art Starts, we believe that community arts programming should be community-driven and we are looking for community champions to join us on the Board of Directors! The Community On Board program aims to connect Art Starts community members with the opportunity to gain skills through a volunteer board training opportunity. Members from the communities served through Art Starts programming will have a chance to serve on the Board of Directors and learn about board governance.



We are currently looking for a Program Coordinator to join Art Starts. The ideal candidate will have experience as an arts administrator, be self-directed and work well in a team environment. 

The Program Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all tasks and dues related to the successful implementation of their assigned programs. The Program Coordinator reports directly to the Community Program Manager and works in cooperation with individuals and organizations and supports our artists and program participants to inspire positive results.


Art Starts Celebrates, Featuring Monica Wickeler

Monica Wickeler is a LGBTQ2S+/Luxembourg/Canadian artist with a passion for public art. She was originally trained in the craft of hand-painted outdoor advertising in the 90’s and has moved her practice towards community-based public art installations in Toronto and across Canada.

Monica has worked with Art Starts on two mural projects. She was brought on as a lead artist and helped youth artists tackle a large-scale mural project from start to finish.