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Create. Connect. Celebrate.

We are bringing together four gifted artists from Art Starts’ leading programs to offer you a chance to explore your own creativity, connect with fellow art supporters and celebrate the joy of community.

Get together with your significant other or friend or family member and for a $50 fee per participant, register for one of the following:

  • Making Emoji Puppets for Mental Health & Stress Relief with Douglas Hurst
  • Anchoring Your Authenticity with Sun Park
  • Anjelica's Dance Workout with Angelica Scannura
  • The Art of Seeing and Drawing from Imagination with Tristian Yael De Gale

Sign up below for the online session of your choice and join us on Thursday June 24th from 7-8 PM for an hour of diverse art making, crafting, learning and fun!


Create. Connect. Celebrate.

Emoji Puppets for Mental Health & Stress Relief


This is a new concept workshop for an adult audience that will encourage participants to let go of their stress and embrace fun again. In this age of digital technology and zoom call overload, this program will help you find your centre to regenerate your creative inspiration and past mental blocks. The session will begin with warm-up breathing exercises, puppetry arts exercises, discussion of  feelings and emotions including the rise of Emoji Art, and complete the workshop with making paper emoji puppets.

Materials Needed

White paper, colourful construction paper, colourful markers, scissors, scotch tape, white glue, and sticks or dowels

About the Artist

Douglas has a passion for sharing creativity and brings a wealth of knowledge to alternative learning practices through visual, puppetry, and theatre arts. Learning through nature, mindfulness, puppets, play, and fun, Douglas’ ultimate goal is turn everyone into a puppeteer because puppeteers - if you didn’t know - are pretty awesome.

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Anchoring Your Authenticity


This workshop will invite participants into a meditative process for accessing and anchoring their authentic voice. We will guide participants to engage with creative writing from their place of truth. There will also be an opportunity for participants to share their expression with the group.

Materials Needed

A journal and writing utensil. A private and quiet environment is strongly recommended for engaging with this workshop. 

About the Artist

Phoenix | Sun Park is a being of purpose, grounded and guided by Spirit. She is the founder of Voice of Purpose, a social enterprise with a mission is to ignite and equip a movement of artist-educators and arts organizations who embody their purpose to deepen their impact in the world.  

With 15 years of experience in the Community Arts Education sector, Phoenix truly enjoys supporting processes of creating strategic integrations for healthy internal processes for artists and arts organizations, as well as cultivating authenticity, equity, creativity, and purpose.


Anjelica's Dance Workout


Join Anjelica Scannura for a fun, easy-to-follow dance class; which is a distilled culmination of her experiences in various global dance styles.

Materials Needed

Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and have room to move!

About the Artist

Anjelica is celebrating 6 years with Art Starts!  She is also a critically-acclaimed Flamenco dancer and choreographer (Co-Artistic Director of Ritmo Flamenco, 2018 MARTY Award Winner for Best Established Dancer), Bellydancer (Bellydancer of the Universe Winner 2013), Actress (CBC's Frankie Drake Mysteries, Little Italy, Camp Rock) and Comedian (Boston Comedy Fest Semi-Finalist, Palm Springs Comedy Fest Finalist).

Catch her on ZoomerMedia's One Get Fit TV in Anjelica's Dance Workout and Anjelica's 22 Minute Workout. Her highly anticipated follow-up, Anjelica's Kettlebell Workout will be released in Fall 2021.


The Art of Seeing and Drawing from Imagination


In this workshop, participants will watch their imagination come to life! Learn how to draw what’s in front of and from your imagination. Discuss the difference of the experiences and learn about different applications for both techniques. This lesson is a form of therapy and self-expression as you build awareness of feelings and the thought process behind creative arts.

Materials Needed

Standard 8x11 sketch book, fine point black Sharpie markers, black pen

About the Artist

Tristan Yael De Gale is the dynamic creator of De Gale Design. Known by his artist name Yael, he has over 10 years of hands-on experience designing.

Growing up on the island of Grenada, he was raised by his Grandmother who ran her own business and instilled lessons of hard work and perseverance. Sparked by his vivid imagination and his ability to create and transform, he became a self-taught artist and began bringing his visions to life. The art of storytelling has always been an inspiration behind his creations. Pooling from passions for Afro-Caribbean culture, music, history, Japanese animation and learning from profound artists, Yael has a distinct and unique style for designing visual languages that push boundaries and evoke discussions.

Outside of designing, he is also invested in community initiatives, facilitates Arts-based workshops and collaborates on projects that elevate youth and inspire them to create for themselves.

Living his purpose, he cultivates creative culture.

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