Who We Are

Founded in 1992

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Each year, Art Starts programs benefit thousands of people living in marginalized Toronto neighbourhoods by providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for self-expression and creative collaboration.

We afford opportunities for vulnerable people of all ages to contribute to the creative ecology of their neighbourhoods, using the arts to help end the negative cycles associated with marginalization and poverty.

We nurture local talent, beautify public spaces, and provide safe, inclusive environments for self-expression and collaboration.

We Ask. We Listen. We Create. Together.

How We Do It

Art Starts works in five underserved Toronto neighborhoods and city-wide. We bring together professional artists  ̶  dancers, musicians, visual artists, actors and playwrights  ̶  with residents of all ages. Together we create accessible and dynamic art projects that reflect the identities and aspirations of each community.

We provide a gateway to post-secondary education and employment through training, portfolio development, and networking opportunities. We nurture local talent and mentor emerging artists. Through the arts we work with Toronto communities to engage residents, nurture resiliency and inspire personal growth.